Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Beginnings of a New Adventure


Over a year ago I had decided that I was going to keep a blog.  The original attempt is over here.  What I noticed was that given the chance I would most certainly almost always talk about books.  I had started blogging with this wide view of what it might be about, but soon realized that I really spent a lot of my time either reading, trying to write, or talking about the two subjects or dreaming about the two subjects.  Therefore, it was only natural that I tried to revamp my old blog to be a book blog. 

But something about it rubbed me the wrong way.  The name didn’t fit.  And so I set out to find myself a new domain name for the idea.  Like when an author first starts writing under one name, but then realizes that they want to write a different type of book, perhaps in a different genre, and they want that new book to be judged on it’s own merits instead of their previous credits as an author.  So they come up with a new Alias.  Well that is how I felt about my old blog.  So this is my new Alias. 

It took me some time to find a name.  I thought of the Book Slut, as my mother and I joke about our complete slutty nature when it comes to books.  But as you can see the name is taken and quite popular.  Book Whore seamed too dirty.  Book Attic or Book Loft sounded like I should have been selling books.  Book Addict was taken, and slightly unoriginal.  Book Junkie was too dirty. 

Then I was thesaurus-ing and came across hound instead of addict.  But alas Book Hound has been used by several people.  It was going to be perfect too because I was going to pose my basset with a book and use that as my profile picture.  And I had almost convinced myself that it didn’t matter and I would just go with it anyways, but that’s like plagiarism and that is so not cool in the book world. 

And then I am thinking gypsies they travel a lot and tell stories.  And then I was thinking performers.  And since I read a lot of fantasy the next logical step for me was a minstrel.

min⋅strel [min-struhl]  Show IPA



a medieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument, either as a member of a noble household or as an itinerant troubadour.


a musician, singer, or poet.


one of a troupe of comedians, usually white men made up as black performers, presenting songs, jokes, etc.

I mulled it over and rolled it around in my mind.  At first it seams a bit odd, but the more I contemplated it the more it seamed to fit and feel right. 

There is something about music that connects with the soul.  The same way in which a good book connects with the soul.  It touches us inside and leaves us feeling changed. 

And besides my hubby is a musician so it’s kind of fitting to combine my love of books and his love of music.  But then I was a wee bit disappointed because that left out the third key member of our nuclear family… our hound.

So instead of just being The Book Minstrel I decided my blog would be called “The Adventures of the Book Minstrel… And her amazing sidekick Roobear!”   Guess who Roobear is.  Besides my trusty sidekick.  She be my hound dog. 

And now I can make Roo wear her awesome wardrobe of clothing for various posses with books that I have read.  Such is her duty as my trusty sidekick.  And you know maybe I can wear a cape.  Because capes are cool, and you were those as a minstrel.  And on adventures.  Adventures wouldn’t quite be the same without a cape.  Yah I am a wee bit of a nerd.  Snort. 

Plus I like the word Adventures.  Minstrels go on adventures.  Adventurers travel.  I want to travel and see the world.  Also, when I was a kid, when asked what I want to be when I grew up… the answer was a Pirate.  Think about all the adventures they get to have. 

And now the blog is complete.  Almost. 

What I was going to do was go and grab all my old posts that pertained to books, from my old blog and post them here.  However, the intense amount of labor and time that would take could be better spent elsewhere, like reading or writing.  I also considered  linking them up in a long list too, but the scope of that project also soon became very daunting.  So instead if you feel oh so obliged, you can mosey on over to my previous blog and peruse around.  Keep in mind it was my first attempt at blogging and therefore, it may be a little rough.  But it’s a good beginning and I will visit it fondly.

I would also like to put our a plea to my favorite authors, George RR Martin, Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss(new to the club of authors I am obsessed about and first to be reviewed here on the new blog… eventually), Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Stephenie Meyer (don't you judge me and my weakness for Vampires) and Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee,  I know this is a long shot, however, if you ever felt the need to I would gladly accept ARC of your work… gladly.  And in return I would perform a happy little jig on video and post it to my blog.  I would also give the books stunning reviews… as I am sure that they merit it.  So um just drop me an e-mail at jemuldoon (at) gmail (dot) com  .  Also anyone else who would like to send me an ARC may send me an e-mail and I will hook you up with my mailing address.

Yours truly,

The Book Minstrel  ….. and her trusty sidekick Roobear


P.S. Minstrels compose and I want to be a writer.  Just another way in which the name is befitting.