Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And back to our regular scheduled programming

Book:  A Man to Call My Own

Author:  Johanna Lindsey

Genre:  Romance

Pass of Fail:  Pass

Stars:  *** ½ (3 ½)

This is the story of two sisters, twins, although ones goes to great lengths to disguise her beauty to hide from her sisters viperous tongue and actions. There father passes away, and they are told in order to gain their inheritance they must marry. However, they have been left in the charge of their Aunt (Red)  until they find suitable husbands.  Red lives out in Texas, far from New England and the society the girls are accustomed to. 

Marian is open to adventure and new experiences.  She is also the twin who disguises herself. Amanda is a completely opposed to the trip.  Chad is sent by their aunt to meet them and bring them back to the ranch.  Chad has his own family issues with the biggest cattle ranch father around.

Marian finds herself attracted to Chad.  And Chad likewise eventually seas through her disguise and falls for Marian.  Amanda is bored and stirs the pot.  Enter a slue of events that have them all mixed up chasing their tales then a band of bandits, and some more love and you have yourself a story.

This book was a good distraction.  The sex happened near the beginning of the book, so the rest of it was read more for story than anything.  Yes I can admit that I will read a romance novel for the sex only.  If it were for the story, I can tell you that there are much better stories out their for sure.  But I like the distraction, so I always end up reading a slew of romances throughout the year. 

This isn’t the best I have read, but I have yet to broaden my horizon on that stream of romances.   Anyhow if you like cowboy romance stories this once is pretty good.