Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Prelude

Book:  Marriage Most Scandalous

Author: Johanna Lindsey

Genre: Romance

Pass or Fail: Pass

Stars:  *** ¾ (3 ¾)

Having been disowned for a duel forbidden by his father, Sebastian Townshed fleas England and heads for the continent picking up a new identity as The Raven, and infamous mercenary.  When strange accidents start plaguing his estranged father, Lady Margaret Landor (his beloved charge) sets out to find the one man who she thinks can get to the bottom of these circumstances, Sebastian Townshed.  Instead she finds The Raven. 

At first he refuses, having sworn never to step foot on English soil again, but she tricks him into accepting.  The catch.  They must pretend to be married so he can gain admittance to his family estate.  Underneath one shadow lurks another, and as the layers peal back the mystery gets more and more intriguing.  And amidst all that love is found.

The final conclusion of the novel leaves something to be desired.  We are dragged along on this tantalizing mystery, to have it hastily packaged up at the end and dumped on our laps.  The suspense was well drawn out, but the discovery of the facts could have been better discovered by the audience. 

An engaging read, especially if one likes a little mystery with their romance.