Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rehearsals and Books

Currently I am in the rehearsal process for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, being put on by the local community theatre group.  It is very time consuming.  I also work full time – steady days, weekends off.  Two evening a week and both Saturday and Sunday, I have rehearsal. 

Now I am a person that always has a book within reach.  I am always reading.  However, with the sheer amount of time and energy that the play is consuming, my reading material has required a change.  I find given different circumstances, time restraints and moods, I will choose a book to suit the conditions.  Therefore, right now a heavy high fantasy book would be near impossible to get through.  Consequently a light read, like a romance novel is perfect for the given conditions.

I will probably be doing quite a few book reviews on romance novels.  Once I tire of those I will switch to something a little more complex but fascinating enough to drag me through to the end and get my brain churning again (too much romance turns it into a sloggy mush pile with unrealistic expectations of my significant other).  And then flit back to romance, when the substance becomes too much. 

Romance novels have a mindless quality, are a fast read, are entertaining and have a good sex scene.  While the following book has all those elements it is also a heartier meal. 

Book:  The Marriage Spell

Author: Mary Jo Putney

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Pass or Fail:  Pass

Stars: **** ½ (4 ½ )

A romantic fantasy genre if you will, mostly reviewed in the category of Romance, the fantasy an added bonus. 

Magic is common and uncontrollable therefore despised by the titled.  Only the lesser dabble in magic, as they can not achieve greatness through their own prowess. 

Jack Langdon, Lord Frayne, has been raised to reject his magical heritage and to spite magic publicly, however when he falls off his horse in a hunting accident and breaks his neck his only choice is to accept magical aid or die.  The choice of life comes with one price, marriage to Abby, the wizard who heals him.  A price he is almost unwilling to pay. 

The book takes you along as their love blooms and Jack overcomes his reluctance of magic.  It takes us back to his estate were he must reclaim his rights and free his land from the oppression of a dark wizard. 

The love story is believable in that it is filled with humanity.  It is not some sappy unrealistic love story.  It is about overcoming obstacles and learning to love each other.  The passion is slow and building.  It is about inner beauty.  Take away the magic and plop in another obstacle (like race perhaps) and you would still have a very real story with the same obstacles to overcome. 

The novel is beautiful and moving and I would recommend it highly to those who love a romance with a bit more meat to its bones.