Monday, June 15, 2009

Changes to be implemented

Here is the deal.  I am struggling a bit with this blog.  I am not sure were I want to go with it.  I have an idea. I have been shopping around at other peoples blogs (A Dribble of Ink, Pat's Fantasy Hotlist) and I like what I see.  But I also don’t want to be exactly them.  I want to be me in my own blog.  I like the casual wittyness and freestyling action of Patrick Rothfuss but am not sure if I can afford that in my own book blog or if I attempt to do it, it comes off as hooky. 

I like giving a back story as per why I have chosen a book, but it may not be necessary and simply extra writing on my behalf.  Some authors do it.  But then they have earned the right to.  Do I need to earn the right to, or can I just do it?  Will it seam pretentious?  Do I care?

I also realize that I am not doing current material.  Their blogs are all about keeping up with recent or yet to be released material.  And they have earned that right obviously as they are receiving ARC.  I have not. I also feel that there is a lot of good material out there that I haven’t read yet and I don’t want to miss it if I am only concentrating on new material. 

Here are some for sures though.  I am going to take away the rating system.  I don’t like giving books a pass or a fail and I certainly don’t like coming up with stars.  Each story has its strengths and its weakness’, some more evident than others, and depending who you are you may zone in on certain ones more clearly than other people will.  Therefore it seams impossible to give something a true ratting.  It makes me feel dirty trying to rate a book, and so I won’t do it.  I will review/pontificate/ramble about a book still or else I would have very little reason to maintain this blog. 

I have an idea for a layout and some artwork that I would like to include on my page.  A new design, possibly even a new location if one is needed or one gives me better features to work with.  These are technical things I will need someone more technical than me to work with me on this.  Also the artwork I want will require someone more talented than me.  This may cost me and at this point money is a fine luxury I will retain from spending on a free blog.  In the future… possibly, if I can’t figure out how to do it myself.

There is also some photo editing programs I think I may like to acquire.  I like pictures of my books with my dog, as she never ceases to amuse me.  However it is hooky.  So in the future, I may just go with the cover art of a book. I do like the look of it as used on other websites.  Perhaps I will keep some Roo photos but not on a regular basis. I am unsure.  I am on the fence between moving towards professional or maintaining hooky in this instance. 

I will also cease to try and pigeon hole a book in a genre.  Some books cross so many lines it all depends on were you are standing in accordance to were they may be placed in a book store.  And that is by no means a be all end all.  As a rule I generally read fantasy or romance and anything that may touch those genres. 

Overall if I can figure it out or cajole someone to do it for free this place may be getting a facelift.  I am still stumbling around with my reviews and how I would like to do them, and I feel it is only fair to be honest and straightforward with you (anyone who may stumble across my site) to be aware that this is a work in progress and that I can only hope that with practice and perseverance this becomes the sight I have envisioned it to be.  That or I write my own book finally and someone else can implement my esthetic visions for this blog and I can blog at random in a rambling style that people will worship and view as quirky.  Yah I like option two better.  

- The Book Minstrel

P.S.  Besides finishing a post I see no reason for signing it at the end, except that it is more like a letter and I don't think I care for that.  Unless you are going to add a PostScript like now.  But whatever.  I could just add an edited thing.  Makes more sense.  

I should also start naming my blog posts after the books I am reviewing.  I find it boring and against my witty nature, however it will provide an ease of maneuvering throughout my blog that might not have been their before.  I do like ease, so I may change my ways.