Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Forthcoming Blogs

Here are the book reviews that will be forthcoming next week (I still need to write them, but they are what I am hoping to deliver):

2 x Curse Words Dictionary – one post two books, compare and contrast DONE

The Last Unicorn - it has been a slow read, I should have been done this a month ago, but hopefully by next week it will be done and I can write to you my contradicting feelings in regards to the book. DONE

The Blueberry Girl - yes it’s a kids book, but it’s by Neil Gaiman.  Deal with it. DONE

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Young adult, okay over the age of 10.  But hey I was totally grooving on Harry Potter so once again deal with it. - EDIT:  Will do a review of series instead, once I have finished reading/listening to the series.  

My Feelings on Audio books and the misconceptions I had about them - not a book but a blog post idea I would like to explore. DONE

Books a I should read because I have taken them out from the library Vs. Books I want to read because they are taunting me from my bookshelf – a quick post with a pros and cons list.  I need to keep my reading ambitions somewhere were I might uphold them.  - EDIT: HAHAHAHA!!!  Solved problem by returning all material to the library and giving myself free reign to read what I feel like now.  Yup, good bye previous ambitions welcome new distractions.  


Any way you might ask why am I writing you this list.  Because if I don’t, I won’t remember what I want to blog about.  Life is going on super crazy hectic overdrive mode this week and if anyone throws me a curve ball I may just have a fit. 

It is the last week of Joseph.  Full house last night.  It was an AMAZING performance; the energy was through the roof.  I am hosting a cast party Saturday after the show, and with being in the play and working full time, I have to squeeze in a myriad of things to do before then to be the proper hostess I plan on being.  That being said my life is a wee bit hectic from here on out.  Running on adrenaline.  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!