Monday, June 1, 2009

The Literary Hangover


WARNING:  This post was meant to go directly after Dead and Gone.  Furthermore, the Neverwhere book review was supposed to be published before the Dead and Gone book review as that was the order I read them in.  However, as I am doing mass posting today, it got a little out of hand.  Also, I probably won’t have much time to post anything for about another month.  We are getting into crunch time with production of Joseph, so my access to a computer with Blogger will be in the wee hours of the morning when I need to be gathering beauty rest. 

Literary Hangover

My book picking skills vary. I have a semi system which I implement in the loosest of terms.  Something heavy followed by something light.  Something light for when my schedule is really heavy.  Something heavy and all engrossing when I really need to escape from life. 

I don’t remember this happening so much when I was younger and first getting into fantasy, but now I find it a common occurrence.  The literary hangover.  Sometimes I can pull through the ending of a book with very little lingering feelings of loss.  But sometimes it takes me a very long time to find something to fill that void.  It is like going through a constant cycle and rotation of breakups.  It can become a little weary, to say the least.  And sometimes leaves me feeling a bit jaded towards a new piece of material. 

However I use the literary hangover as a gauge for how good the books where; the longer the lingering affects, the better the book.  The longer it stays with me, that thrum of the book, the better I know the book is.  Even after I get over the hangover, and am into other material, if I find myself still thinking of those books, I know that they are highly recommendable, and worth the time of a re-read. 

I like picking books in a series because I can offset the hangover with the next book in the installment.  But when I come to the end, I feel void, and empty times however many books I just covered.  I will often put down a book mid-action just to prolong the life expectancy of the book.  I will avoid reading while on the bus and opt to stare out the window instead thinking about the book rather than reading it to prolong its life expectancy. 

When I am reading solitary books, or am reading an unfinished series, I have to have the next book lined up in anticipation for the lull.  However, sometimes even with a good book lined up there is still that pause, as I am unable to concentrate on the new material fully.  It feels sometimes like I am wasting time when this delay occurs. 

I have experimented with a couple of cures, pieces to draw me through that lull.  But nothing but time heals a wound left by a good book.

Happy Reading.