Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Article | Audiobooks Pros Vs Cons

My first experience with an audio book was when I was a child.  When they were on tape cassettes.  I believe I had taken out a Pippi Longstocking’s adventure.  My impressions, at that young impressionable age, were this I didn’t like the sound of their voice.  I also was not taken by the story, not swept up and away by it.  Keep in mind that I was probably around 8 to 10 years old, so I couldn’t sit for any sort of stretch of time.  But those are the impressions I was left with and so I stuck with them.  Also I loved Pippi, and really did want to experience it in every medium possible; however, I found that this once stunk so bad I didn’t want to keep ruining my Pippi experiences.  Kids are young and impressionable, however there is a certain truth that they can grasp as that cuts through the bullshit.  I held up that belief and kept with my audio books=evil attitude. 

Until my good friend Trevor asked me if, since I read a lot, do I also listen to audio books.  I said no and incited the above reasons.  I may have elaborated on those points in several different ways but they remained the same.  I don’t like other peoples voices.  I am not able to go back and re-read if I don’t grasp something.  I am stuck with their pace.  I only have their pronunciation.  If I am irritated by the above then I am not able to sink into the work and lose myself in it. 

And you know what he said that convinced me else wise.  “I listened to The DaVinci Code on a road trip and finished the entire book on the way their and back.”  One point and he had me willing to take my chances.  I had all this time at work that I was going very monotonous tasks that I could be entertained at the same time.  Their was a book series I wanted to read but didn’t have the time for it right now, but in looking it up at my library I noticed it was available in audio book. Two birds, one stone.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians.   

So I am older and more mature (stop laughing) and have found that my preconceived prejudices are wrong… to a point.  Their were some character voices done that annoy the crap out of me, like the Pegasus, but other than that it went pretty cool.  If I miss a point and want to go back to it later, I can’t/will have a very hard time in doing so.  In a book I just flip back pages and scan.  With an audio series I flip back tracks and listen, almost re-listening to all of it. But it is a quick/easy way of digesting an entire book. 

I admit that you need a good series, must be good at multitasking, and can stand the voice of the reader.  However, if you can do all of that it’s not a bad other medium of experiencing a book. 

Also if you listen right before going to bed get some milk and cookies, feels just like being tucked in by mom, except you know the voice is different.