Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review | Blueberry Girl By: Neil Gaiman

By:  Neil Gaiman

I thought this was beautiful and poetic and something that would bring tears to my mom’s eyes.  It is in the form of a children’s book and has wonderful vivid and bright images that can lead an imagination almost anywhere.  It was visual dynamic as well as poetically written. 

The downside, it doesn’t make a very good children’s book for children.  It is more of a keepsake for growing up than a story that will make much sense to a child.  If I were a kid I would have a lot of why’s to ask about the story, because the story is something for an older mind to grasp, as it is more metaphorical.

This would make a beautiful gift, but more so for the parent of the child than for the child itself.  The child will understand the beauty of it when they are grown and on their journey to parenthood and the wonders that it brings. It is a strong medium for the message provided but the intended audience perhaps is a bit diluted.