Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review | Man of My Dreams By: Johanna Lindsey

Man of My Dreams
By: Johanna Lindsey

Took this book out of the library almost 3 months ago and was no longer able to renew it so needed to read it in a day, as it was already overdue. It just missed my purging of ‘I don’t care what I have from the library I will read whatever I damned well please.’ I am glad that it missed this cut. I really enjoyed it.

It was beautifully mindless to get through.

Beautiful Megan Penworthy has been snubbed by the social matriarch Ophelia. Her revenge: to marry a duke and become a duchess. The duke she has chosen: Ambrose St. James. One problem. She has never met Ambrose St. James.

Ambrose St. James finds himself in a bit of a dilemma as his friend wants to murder him for a misconception. Ambrose is forced into hiding, and his grandmother Duchy has chosen the Penworthy residence as his hide out in the guise of a horse trainer.

And thus begins this love story/comedy. They can’t seam to get along and spend most of their time fighting, and the whole time they are fighting I found myself wishing they would just let that passion over bubble in another direction.

It was a quick read and satisfying. I love books I can get through in a day. And a decent love story always leaves me satisfied. This one is more than decent.

P.S. Roo thinks it's drool worthy.