Saturday, August 15, 2009

Article | Ideas for NaNoWriMo

Today I told my fries to go play in the Ketchup

Really I did that – but then it occurred to me that I could use that line as a start of a book. It is silly enough to catch. I was thinking of an adolescent fantasy series in the fun and witty category with evil something or other that they must conquer in the real world.

I have been toying with various ideas for what I would like to write for my November Novel. The current work in progress is out of the question. It says to go in with a clean slate on a new material rather than old material and characters you are already attached to. It might stem the creative flow. I can jive with this reasoning and personally I like the idea of devoting myself completely to something fresh and shinny that still has new car smell.

So ideas:

  1. Post Apocalyptic world. Magic involved – called Essence. Except they haven’t gotten through the end of the world yet. What they thought was the big kaboom is nothing compared to were they are heading. Motorcycles and sword fights off of motorcycles. A breading project for magic. The idea s is very fresh and shinny and makes me a little excited. Of course there will be some sort of love story involved, but I think it will be a cruel tough kind of love. Not a love will rescue me kind but a love will damn me kind.
  2. Here there be Dragons. Dragons live in the reaches (mountains). People think that they are nothing but myth and legend. But within every legend is a grain of truth. The people who associate with the dragons are Fae. The fae were created from dragons, they are the other half of a dragon soul. I am not sure if I want to write this modern world, parallel, or create a whole new world. I like a kind of renaissance Italy feel too it. White marble – wild landscapes. I have been toying with this idea for about a year – haven’t touched it yet because I am unsure of setting.
  3. Books as an addiction. A modern world but futuristic kind of sci-fi like. People are like Sci-borges. They plug in kind of Matrix style. Everything we see in movies we have come about too. Stolen pieces all over. But books aren’t the same. WE plug in and experience them like virtual reality – but we still call it books and reading. Someone has an addiction that they can’t afford. Old books are relics but can be found if you go under – in the old parts of the world. To be sought and treasured. Teens go on a quest to get real books. It may sound kind of lame but the whole structure of the society that I am seeing is really fascinate to me. I have been toying with this for quite some time but it is something that I want to write once I have had more practice. I feel it could be great but only if I do it right.
  4. How Vampires became. After reading Stephenie Meyers version of Vampires and the love story involved, I came to think what if Vampires were people frozen in time who have turned to stone. What if they craved the blood to keep them functioning – blood because it is the life essence. When I started imagining it, it was as a short story. Now perhaps a novella. The biggest issue for me is that it takes place in China. A general falls in love with a young child, the princess. Would give his life for her. Freezes himself in time – has some kind of magic – to protect her and be with her always. My issues are that I would have to do some serious research into Chinese culture to make this fly. Also that is supposed to be a beautiful heartbreaking story. I am not sure I am up to par to tell the story as I see it yet.
  5. Child fantasy action mystery story, ages 10 to 12 ish or so. I want to write witty and silly and free and go from one action sequence to the next. I don’t really have a premise but I want to give it a voice like the Percy Jackson series. I think I will pick up Alcatraz by Brandon Sanderson to get a feel for this kind of writing too. I am not sure if I can pull it off, as I don’t even have an idea to run with but the style of it fascinates me.
  6. A teenage paranormal drama. Vampires, dark magic, secret societies. Not sure of the time period I want to do this in or the setting or the plot or the characters. But there is something about the intensity of emotions that teens experience. Add that with some cool shit and you get a really intense book.

Now I love me a good high fantasy and I have one possibility for this on this list. A few of them if not all of them will most definitely have a love story subplot kind of deal happening. No matter what I am reading I am always aware of the love affair involved. I look for it. I think that love brings out the humanity in us. But there are different kinds of love too. Not all love is peaches and cream. So I don’t see myself getting through this without writing a love subplot somewhere.

Anyways this is what I am mulling over for the time being. The night of the competition is probably when I will decide what I am going to write. But I love having my options displayed before me.