Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Article | Why I am giving the romance genre the boot... until further notice.

I have been reading a veritable feast of romance novels lately. The problem is, is that I can feel my brain cells rotting. I can’t seam to concentrate on any other type of reading material, yet when I am reading the romance books I am constantly asking myself why I am reading such nonsense. They are a good distraction every now and again, but they should not ever be a permanent distraction. Plus I have been reading one author, and have become so used to her style that it is both comforting and sickening at the same time.

I would just like to say to the books, it’s not you, it’s me. But the fact it is, it is kind of them too. But they shouldn’t have to apologize. They are exactly what they are meant to be. Romance genre books, are supposed to be sappy and ignore everything else about life to focus on the love. It is what they are. So I should not get mad at a book that is what it says it will be. I should be mad at myself for going back to it like the dog that I am.

Here are the three most recent romance books that I have read:

A Rogue of My Own (Book 3 of the Reid Family) By: Johanna Lindsey

Love Me Forever (Book 2 of Sherring Cross) By: Johanna Lindsey

The Pursuit (Book 3 of Sherring Cross) By: Johanna Lindsey

Pictures withheld as I returned them to the library before my dog posed with them.

I won’t bother doing a review of them either. I would probably nitpick everything about them just because I am done with the romance genre for a good long while now. Next time I need a quick pick me up and distraction I will read Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore. That is not to say that I view those two authors in class with romance. I view them as distinct and engaging and entertaining. The only thing they may have in common with the romance genre is that they are quick to read.

But just to wean me off kind of slowly whatever I read next better be damn welled engaging to the point of distraction and have some sort of love plot. A steamy sex scene wouldn’t be to amiss either. But I am in desperate need of some other kind of story line right now other than sappy romance and only sappy romance.

I will be conquering Elantris by: Brandon Sanderson next. This will be my first Sanderson. After this I will no longer be a Sanderson virgin. I hope it is not too painful and deeply enjoyable. I have high hopes for this one.