Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random/Writting | How to procrastinate successfully on your time off...

Or how not to accomplish anything you had intended on doing with your time off...

Today started out at 7:30 am with me wondering what the hell that smell was. I got up thinking “oh shit. Roo peed on the carpet again.” Well it literally was shit – but thankfully on the linoleum. I gave her this look that said it all and she gave me a look back that said even more.

The fact remains that come Monday morning I will be back at work. I got called on Friday to say that my temporary unemployment is now at an end. Before I have scene a single EI check. Maybe I will get a double payment at some time you know. Like paycheck and EI finally catching up to me. No I am not going to cheat the system. That will bite me in the ass. When I file my report for the time period that I worked I will say that I am indeed now working so I won’t get double pay as in paid twice for the same time. I am talking about double pay as in two paychecks for two different time periods coming in at the same time.

But what I really wanted to say about Monday is to lament that being unemployed was not as productive to my creative career as I had hoped that it was going to be. I could look on the bright side first but I’ll save that for last for the cheer up.

I had hoped that I would be using the time to write. That I would get a good chunk of the novel I have been avoiding worked on. I would figure out the kinks and find my pace and start to fly. I found the kinks – well the most obvious one is view. But I have not fixed it yet.

I had hoped that I would finally master knitting a sock rather than starting and ripping it out and not bothering to restart ever again. Well I did start one. The gauge is wrong. I have not ripped it out yet. I will. Maybe I will recast on right away on a smaller set of needles. We’ll see.

I had hoped I would get caught up on a lot of summer reading. I did do a quit a bit of reading but not the materials I had intended for this time period. Instead I got sidetracked by some sappy romance. Psha.

I had hoped to get my sewing room mucked out and to sew up quite a bit of those projects that have been floating around in purgatory. I did clean out my sewing room, but that took my friend Nancy telling me she wanted me to maker her garb to get me motivated to do it. It was satisfying though. I did not sew up any of the purgatory projects, but I did make her a bodice and skirt combination that used of some old material. Not sure if that qualifies.

I had also wanted to get really fit. And go jogging in the morning. I did lose some weight and my clothes fit me better, but as far as jogging goes Roo is lucky if she gets a daily walk with the weather and my procrastination that we have been having.

Now for the greatest success of my time off. I went out to the west coast. We drove (and by we I mean Darren drove and I sat in the passenger seat and took thousands of pictures) all the way from here (northern Ontario about 4 hours out of Toronto) to Victoria BC. It was long, it was grueling, but it was worth it. Now I can officially say that I have scene both the east and west coast. My life is almost complete. Not even close.

So Monday, I will go back to work, and Monday and I will attempt to do all those things, I wanted to do with all that wonderful time off, on the side. Before/After work and on weekends.

November is National Novel writing month. I will attempt to write at the very least 50 000 words in 30 days. I think that this is totally possible. Especially with this tool here, that I will implement on lunch breaks at work if necessary. I am really excited about this. I have a couple of shinny new ideas that I am toying with using for this event, as I can’t use any pre-existing work. I don’t really win anything besides a sense of completion, but I appreciate that I will have others who are attempting the impossible as well. Maybe after I will hook up with a local writers guild too.

As for the sock thing. I may just wait it out until the winter Olympics and do the YarnHarlot knitting Olympics. I may not. I want to choose a patterned pair of socks for the Olympics and so probably should complete a basic pair of socks first, so I know what the heck I am doing… sort of.

I know this may be a blog post more akin to Pisces Muse. And I am seriously reconsidering opening up that blog again. Cause I can post random cool things like this over there, and then keep my bookie things separate. But I also like keeping just one blog. Yarg…. Posting here… wherever here may be.

Now until Monday morning I will attempt to mentally prepare myself for work – and will also attempt to fix novel problem tonight so I can do some out and out writing. Did I mention that my new approach will be ‘write now – edit later’. Just get it all out and then go back and looks for gaping holes in plot and development. Fix those big obvious holes. Then to the nittier grittier paragraph and flow and conversation and sentence structure edits. Trying to do it all at once is making me feel defeated. I have to be prepared to suck. It only gets better with time. Shit you should see the first garb I ever made for Amtgard. It sucked balls. And you should see what I just produced these past couple of days. It kicked ass hardcore. Just takes time, and patience and practice. And a willing to learn.

This is me world. Open to learning. Well the things I wish to learn anyways and in the time I have to learn them.. kind of. Man did I even mention of damned distracting the internet could be?