Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review | House of Night Series by: P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

House of Night Series

By: P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

The first book in this series I started doing the review in the new format I had decided upon. But I didn’t post it for some reason or other immediately after I read the first book. I waited. By the time I was done midway through the third book, I had reached a point (that I had scene coming for some time) were the review was going to turn into a general review of the whole series.

I picked up The House of Night series from my library with great hopes attached to it. I have a thing for Vampires. Further more I find teenage reading interesting and engaging. Teens are very tuned in with their emotions and I really appreciate that rawness.

Can you just sense the giant BUT coming.

I would really like to whole heartedly recommend these books but can't seam to do so. I thought their unique teenage voice was really intriguing at first, but after awhile it became tiresome.

I think what really blew it for me though was an interview I read in regards to Hunted. I really felt disgusted with the authors. Zoey only has sex once (so far) in the series. She gets used by an older male adult vampire. She is flattered by his show of affection, and succumbs to him but he is really using her for Neferets will.

What bothers me is that the writing is laced so obviously with “Mommy says don’t do that and be a nice person.” I really hate what they did with the lead character to teach teens a lesson pertaining to sex: Don’t do it, because you will be used. And the moral lessons are everywhere, and they are blunt. Absolutely no finesse in presenting them.

I really dislike the child like cuss words Zoey holds too. It is very far from the mature they are trying to portray; be honest and let her be frustrated like a real person. Stevie Ray is way too perky, and mommy like. The whole Twin thing is seriously annoying, and their lustiness towards meat (men) is appalling; they obviously lack respect for the opposite sex. Damian seams to be the only person who talks semi normal and that is because he has a vocabulary fetish that is constantly being blown way out of proportion (can we say filler). Aphrodite seams to be the only real character in that she is honestly a bitch and dealing with shit and even she is starting to turn to mush now that Zoey and her have an alliance.

The House of Night is a Matriarchal society. It is supposed to be a role model to young teen girls to be strong. But I find it demeaning to the men involved in the series. They are relegated to clichéd warriors, hunks of meat to protect the woman folk. And on top of that the head woman is corrupt. I find it to be sending a very confusing message to young women. Everyone should be respected equally, and that is not the picture that is being painted here, at least not for me.

The timelines are all messed up. Way to much goes down in only a couple of days that should take a couple of weeks. The books should stretch out over a longer period of time, and the arcs should be more natural. It shouldn’t end in a giant cliff hanger running to end the book in the next 10 pages when nothing significant happened for the previous 200. And the next book in the series shouldn’t be 1/3 recap, 1/3 info dump, 1/3 filler. With a slight race to then end of semi climatic action that ends predictably like the books before it.

I was honestly going to try and review the series with honesty and integrity but I just can’t be nice about it. There are way too many flaws in the writing for me to say nice stuff about them. Honestly, after I finish the books I have taken out from the library I don’t think I will be keeping track of this author. The only positive is that perhaps I will be able to learn from her mistakes.

P.S. Yes I know I missed a picture of Untamed. That just goes to show how much I loved the series.