Monday, November 2, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 2 - A Month of Writing Dangerously

NaNoWriMo –Day 2

This will be a month of writing dangerously. (As opposed to: “A year of cooking dangerously.” – Julie Powell)

Yesterday I finished off the day at 3217. More than the daily required 1668 to make the months 50 000 word goal, but less than I had wanted to do my first day. I was hoping to make 5000 the first day. My issues that stopped me from making it:

  1. I figured out character names for all of the main people I know about for sure.
  2. I organized all of my characters into their own personal files to keep track of them.
  3. I Twittered – until I turned the damned new messages off. That cleared away some distractions.
  4. I organized all of the blogs I wanted to follow and organized my bookmarks – not really NaNo related, however, I do like to stay organized.
  5. I also organized the scraps of paper that float around my laptop. Some NaNo related, some not.
  6. I made super – stew.

I know I don’t have the same level of distractions in my life that other people have. I have a full time job, but I have my evenings and my weekends. It’s just me, Cowboy (my hubby), and Roo (my dog). It is a low maintenance life, were I do have a lot of free time. My other commitments include going to the gym (flexible), parents (flexible), friends (flexible), and sister (living out of town).

It really comes down to the fact that some issue will help me in making my NaNo goals and some are due to procrastination. I know that I procrastinate. But I also know that once I sit my ass down to write two hours will go by and I won’t even be the wiser. It is immensely satisfying, it’s just a matter of getting me to sit down and go. By the way – LOVE Scrivener and the full screen mode. You guys are awesome!!!!

This mornings endeavor to wake up and get some writing done was met with the snooze button and a nice warm shower. The shower was needed, the snooze button a habit that needs to be broken. I will work on that more tomorrow – hopefully.

Tonight will be my first write in. I am incredibly excited. As well as getting to know everyone over the forum and Twitter, I also stopped in at the meet and greet. Still their should be new faces yet to meet tonight, as not everyone homed to Sudbury attended the gathering.

I’ll fill you in on the Write In tomorrow. Till then – Happy NaNo-ing

NaNoWriMo comic Day 2 - inspiration

P.S. Love the fact that they are on Mac’s (see the apples on the back of their laptops). Go check out InkyGirl. I just found her yesterday – through the Twitter feed for #NaNoWriMo. She is brilliantly witty and makes me laugh. Plus her comics are esthetically pleasing to me.