Thursday, November 12, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 12 - Handwritten Verses Type

NaNoWriMo Day 12

Hand Written Verses Type

Recently we received a pep talk from Linda Barry. She had actually written her pep talk by hand and it can be view here.

This raises an interesting question: Do you prefer to type or write by hand? And why?

I am a typist, for simply ease of speed. I can get more out that way. My mind works at the same pace as the keys. However is that a good thing?

I find writing slow. I think faster than I write, and can’t keep up. But there in lies the beauty. I am are really forced to think about what it is I am are writing. It might just be me but I find my sentences are less choppy when written by hand versus typing it out. When typing it is about speed and getting the idea to the page. However, when writing by hand it is more about the process. It really gives me the time to let my thoughts percolate and gather and form fully before they are committed to paper, rather than those fleeting half felt glimpses that are dashed out across a computer screen. Sure it may be great that I can type 60 words per minute or more, but are all those words well thought out words. I may write a lot slower by hand, but those words are well intended words.

For me it comes down to speed versus experience. I will probably stay true to writing the majority of my NaNoWriMo novel out on the computer. Ultimately whatever I do write by hand will have to be transposed to computer. But for those moments when a computer isn’t available, I will no longer worry about not recording my ideas. I will take the time to write them by hand. It is southing. I find there is a deep meditative state that can be reached, where you are at one with the ink and the paper the same way you can fall into a book on paper, as opposed to listening to it or reading it on a computer screen. For me writing by hand rivals that experience.

Take a chance. Travel the more scenic route. It may not be as quick, but it is definitely more of an experience.