Saturday, November 14, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 13 - Running in the Wild or Through the Rabbit Whole and Out the Other Side

NaNoWriMo Day 13

Running in the Wild or Through the Rabbit Whole and Out the Other Side.

This was the pep talk I had been waiting for, although I didn’t know it until it arrived.  This is the pep talk that spoke to me.  It describes the experience perfectly, and yet it was also inspiring.  I had this vivid image of of the movie Far and Away with everyone rushing forth across the great unknown.  Except instead of us berating each other to get to our claims, we are rushing forth to reach the other side.  It is a wild land, and there are potential pitfalls, but in my image of it, when one person falls, there is someone to stop and pick them up and brush them off and encourage them to keep going. 

That is what NaNoWriMo is really about. It is about a group of us rushing across the great unknown, but instead of being selfish and being about the first one to reach the other side, we’ll stop and help those around us along the way.  Sure their will be the selfish few who don’t stop to help out, but those people also serve as their own unique inspiration.  They are the ones that will make you take that next step after you falter.  They are the ones that you say to yourself “If they can do it, so can I.”  And you place one word in front of the other until you make it. 

This past week I have been faltering.  Don’t we all have those moments were we question ourselves, but then find a way to resolve it, and feel stronger and better for it afterwards.  Like Alice.  Through the rabbit whole and out the other side.  We have big and small moments like that, that completely test our resolve.  But once out the other side, I believe we are stronger better people for it.  Or at least that is what I strive to be when I surpass one of those challenges. 

I have a good feeling about next week, but this week it just felt like walls crumbling around me.  Like my foundation was being shook to pieces.  Well my foundation has been re-stabilized, and I am ready to set out again on that trip across the great expanse.  I have sorted through some of my work issues.    I had been working on a quantity basis trying to hit up the quality level, but was having a very stressful time managing.  The reserves have been called in, however, which now allows me the time to do what needs to be done properly and hopefully get caught up.  With work issues sorted out, I now have my mental clarity back and I believe that I will be able to re-apply myself whole heartedly to the process of writing.  And that I will no longer question weather or not I can do.  I will apply myself to the act of succeeding. 


Andy Taylor said...

You can do it!

To quote Master Yoda - "Do, or Do Not, There is no Try!"

I am looking forward to next week too! I might actually catch up on my word count.

Book Minstrel said...

Brilliant. Yoda speak always makes me laugh. Good luck on your word count.