Sunday, November 22, 2009

article | NaNoWriMo Day 21 & 22- Hitting 50K and Beyond

NaNoWrimo Day 21 & 22

Hitting 50K and Beyond

Last night we had an overnight write in for our NaNoWriMo group, there were 17 of us, I think, one person following from a remote location that we adopted for the night.

I crossed the 50K line and made the 10K challenge of the night.  I was very rewarding, and fun and silly.  Consider a group of us that large in a room writing together, most of us on twitter.  Why have a conversation when you can twit. 

If was a 24 hour event from noon to noon.  I made it there for 6 pm and left shortly after 5 am.  I figured if I was going to break down and go to sleep I might as well do it in my own bed. 

I worked on some crucial scenes, but still need to finish them.  I am nowhere near the end of my book.  At this point I am no longer thinking of it as a single volume book, but more like the story that will eventually have to be subdivided into publishable lengths.

So far this draft it outrageously rough.  If is filled with really horrible rambling dialogue and huge info dumps, and lacks scene description.  However, I am trying very hard to be at terms with that.  I am using this draft to get the story out, so I have something to work with.  It’s like the extended version of the outline, but not quite in shape enough to be called draft one. 

NaNoWriMo has really helped me to crack down on myself in regards to a daily writing habit, that of course I will endeavor to maintain.  It has also allowed me the grace to forgive my writing.  It truly is about practice.  It is not going to be a masterpiece the first time out the gate and will need much work still.  But I have really been able to let go and tell the story.  It has been an amazingly remarkable and rewarding experience.  

Now I am off to bed, or some such other mindless rejuvenating activity.