Monday, November 23, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 23 - Twitter Word Sprints

NaNoWriMo Day 23 

Twitter Word Sprints

Since last Thursday, I have wanted to post this or bring it up in some tactical manner, but I didn’t want to sound like I was stroking my own ego.  But seriously this is absolutely way too cool, and it makes me so incredibly happy.

#ESTSprint.  Yup that is my hashtag all out in the world all grown up and ready to be defiled. 

See @NaNoWriMo was hosting word sprints earlier last week but they were in PST time.  Which means it was three hours behind me.  Which meant that when they were hosting was way to late at night for me.  They then switched over to @NaNoWordSprints with the promise of Eastern Time Zone sprints.  I waited for more details but nothing came. (I probably didn’t wait long enough though.  And to be honest patience is not a virtue I like to practice very often.)

I jumped the gun and I decided that I would host Eastern Standard Time Zone word sprints.  I posted it on the forums here (please ignore my atrocious spelling and grammatical errors).  And hoped that others would see it and follow along.

Well you guys rocked my socks.  I keep saying it and I totally mean it (except not in a sexual manner).  My first few participants on Thursday night left me absolutely giddy bragging to Cowboy.  And every night I have hosted since, have scene new faces and returning ones.  There is something about writing in a community that is truly inspiring.  It’s like signing an unwritten contract.  You are committing yourself to doing your personal best. 

Also we post a sentence from our novels.  There is absolutely no end to the amusement to be had through speculation of a sentence. 

I don’t know how others feel about me stealing their content and posting it here so I won’t.  But go look up the Hashtag #ESTSprint and scroll through for some samples.  It really makes me curious about what others are writing.  

I just wanted to say Thank You.  Honestly, sincerely thank you.  I love the encouragement and I love reading the micro novel sample sentences. 

If anyone is interested I will be hosting two more this week, Tuesday November 24, and Wednesday November 25 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm EST.  30 minutes of writing followed by a 15 minute break, repeat cycle.  So we end up with three 30 minute sprints in two hours.  I really like that it is scheduled and that you know when it is happening.  Sorry @NaNoWordSprints but your random sprints make me want to cringe – I like to know how to plan my writing evening.  That being said don’t call me a hypocrite because if I am around for them I will most likely jump on board.

I won’t be hosting this Thursday, as I have a play to attend and it is also Thanksgiving for our American friends (sorry I am Canadian – forgot to mention that…. Oops). 

Also, tomorrow morning @mecomptane will be borrowing the hashtap #ESTSprint to host some early morning sprints starting at 10:00 am going every hour for half an hour.  

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter @PiscesMuse.  Thanks.