Friday, November 27, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 27 - Delayed Satisfaction

What ever happened to that glorious feeling you are supposed to feel when you have hit your goal?

For some of you, you will be rounding the bend hitting 50K in the next few days. For some of you it may take considerable more effort, while others will come gliding in easily. And for others you will have already managed that 50K goal.

Once you’re there though, you may be asking “Where are the fireworks. Or the speeches in my honor? The parade.? The party? Where is the glory?”

Wait… it will happen.

When the realization of 50K and reaching the NaNoWriMo word count goal first hit me I kind of felt devoid. It was an “Is that it?” kind of feeling. I thought it should feel way more victorious. That anticlimactic feeling also had to do with the fact that my novel isn’t really done and there is still much work to do be done with it.

Approximately 5 days after reaching my goal, it hit me.

I wrote a book. Life suddenly felt better with that realization under my belt.

Granted it isn’t really finished (I only have 50 K plus words of it). Granted it needs more parts for it to be complete. Granted it needs a severe running through an editing mill.

But you know what? I wrote 50 K plus words towards a book in A MONTH. What did you do with your November?

Right now, I am finding it a huge confidence booster. It has taught me exactly what I can do with my time. I have learned to leap over those hurdles. I have put some misconception to rest/beat them with a stick till they submitted.

I am now 50K plus words closer to my goal of becoming an author than I was at the beginning of November. That is a huge step. That is a step that might have taken me years at the rate I was previously traveling.

I just want everyone to sit back and bask in that feeling. A lot of people are telling you to do it. Maybe now is not the right time for you. But at some point that victorious feeling will hit. You’ll feel a slow smile spread across your face. Whatever was wrong before in life takes a back seat to that realization. It is just you and the moment that you did something pretty freaking amazing. When it comes. Bask in it. Remember it. This is what we are made of. Moments were we feel we can accomplish anything.

This moment is for you. Share it if you must, but no one will quite get it like you do.

You may need to remember that feeling later. So try packaging it up somewhere safe, so you can take it out to look at when you need to be reminded of how incredibly spectacular your are. Don’t let anyone or anything take that victory from you. It is yours, and you deserve it. Enjoy!!