Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 3 - How Zumba compares to NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo - Day 3

STATUS: Yesterdays write in went exceptionally well. I won the first spring at 841 (I think). I added another 2367 to the day which brings me to a total of 5584 on Day 2. I set the alarm for the AM schedule but the damned snooze button got in my way. I tried convincing myself today that I am an evening writer, but the fact is I really just need to crack down on myself. Will try for success tomorrow!

Why Zumba (or your favorite fitness class) compares to writing (specifically the NaNoWriMo experience).

I have a lot hate relationship with the gym. The only reason I have a membership is my hubby. The first time I started going I was terrified and overwhelmed. It was a get me to my elliptical machine do my work out and leave. In and out and don't make eye contact. I was constantly talking myself out of it due to fear.

This is a lot like my initial attempts at writing. I was terrified and scared and would talk myself out of it for various reasons. I would get stuck in over editing before making it to chapter three. Get frustrated and put it on hold indefinitely.

Then one day a good friend of mine called me at work, and was like "I joined your gym, we should do classes together." And I couldn't say no, it was just that type of friend. Plus I had really wanted to start taking classes but there was that damned fear again getting in the way. The buddy system really helped me to get past that.

That is what NaNoWriMo is. It is the buddy system. I was scared going in, but now their is this really great support system and team of people cheering you on that are all taking this crazy challenge with you. Just let the rhythm of it cary you over and through.

Now Zumba was the class that really won me over. I now go by myself. But at first I remember how hard it was. I was exhausted after two songs. After an hours worth of class I went home and collapsed. But it got easier. Slowly I built up stamina. I kept going because it was really fun.

And writing is really fun, it is hard work at first but fun. And I really believe that it gets easier as you go, that you get better at it. Somewhere there is that turning point were your dialogue is no longer crap and your prose flow smoothly.

Now, with Zumba, I rock it. I have energy afterwards. I can push through the tough parts and keep going. I have faith in myself.

You have to believe in yourself as a writer, Somedays will be harder than others. But you will get through it. You will make it. Once you have faith in yourself and your abilities, you can do anything.

Nanowrimo Day 3 Moxie and Ed

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