Sunday, November 8, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 7&8 - The Joys of the Weekend

NaNoWriMo Day 7 and 8

The joys of the weekend.

I didn't originally intend on grouping together my weekend posts. I thought I would have a separate idea for each one. The fact is yesterday I thought I would do it after the write in. Use the write in as my inspiration for my daily blog post concerning NaNoWriMo. But I think I used up all my creative juices yesterday on catching up on the word count score.

I wrote approximately 8000 words yesterday (Day 7). Day 8 word count is yet undetermined as I have yet to sit down and start writing.

Here the deal. It is Sunday. And to me Sundays could be these massively productive days of lounging around in PJs and typing in bed with my laptop on my lap-desk. That is how I envision a Sunday. The truth of my Sunday is slightly different. I have a musician for a hubby. He is involved with three different band projects always on the hunt for more. What this means is that at some point one of those projects will inevitably use our unfinished basement for jamming. It is especially inevitable as they keep all of their gear down there. It is so loud in here that it shakes things. So loud that I am having trouble thinking.

So when my dad called to be like "Do you want to go for a motorcycle ride." I should have answered No. I should have been steadfast in my resolve for novel writing. Instead I was like "When are you going to come and pick me up?" Now to some of yous this may sound like procrastination. But it is actually the exact opposite of it. See my novel idea was first inspired from going for motorcycle rides with my dad. My first character it a sword fighting motorcycle ridding wind channeling fierce feminine warrior. She will kick your ass. And that was all brainstormed on the motorcycle. So in essence I am going for an inspirational ride. I am going to channel my muse. I am going to escape the mind numbing noise.

Picture taken in the summer. Obviously not today. Things are way less green here in November. But still a surprisingly beautiful day to go out for a motorcycle ride.

Furthermore, we just received our third pep talk. It is by Gail Carson Lavine, the author of Ella Enchanted, which also happens to be on TV. So perhaps I am slacking a bit today, but as soon as the movie is over, I promise I will crank out the words. At least 4000 of them preferably 5000. I'm out to kick ass in this competition.