Sunday, November 1, 2009

Article | NaNoWriMo Day 1 - Off to the Races

For the month of November my blog is being hijacked to chronicle my journey through the NaNoWriMo experience. This will be a testament to represent the mis-adventures of a very enthusiastic Newbie - Me!

NaNoWriMo has begun. I followed the anticipation on twitter yesterday. The hum was deafening and I definitely only scanned the tweets from time to time. I think/hope that by the end of November it will be a trending topic. That would ROCK!!!!

I awaited eagerly and frequently checked the site and my inbox, but was met by disappointment that the first Pep Talk had yet to arrive (EDIT: Pep talk ONE is up on NaNoWriMo, but is still experiencing hold ups in dropping it in inboxes). I know that it's the beginning and stuff has a tendency to backlog at this point and implode. I get that. So I am trying to be uber patient if the train isn't exactly running on schedule.

All day yesterday felt like waiting for Christmas to come. Waking up this morning still held the same vibe. Since the anticipation was running high I stayed up last night to hit the midnight start point. I wrote 19996 words. I haven't started again on my NaNo project this morning. I admit at this point I could have done a bit more preplanning, becuase right now I know I am going to reach a point were after I have written the days section I will have to start thinking about the next days section. I am hopping to tackle this dilemma in several ways.

1. At work I will keep a notepad beside me for brilliant ideas to jot down when they come. (I do a lot of mindless work that I can let my mind wonder to other stuff while I am completing a task. Kind of usefull, but a litle stale sometimes as far as motivation for work stuff goes.)

2. Actually any time were I can let my mind wonder to my story I will. In the car, in the shower, walking the dog, making super, cleaning the house. I will use these mindless tasks to really hone out some good plot ideas. This will allow me to not let my life fall in shambles and to focus on NaNo. It's all about the multi task.

3. I will use the weekends to really organize my writing. Make sure I am keeping track of my characters. Do a little research for next weeks planned words. Update lists of names to grab from. Stuff of that nature, that might be too tedious to maintain during the week but that I will need to keep things coherent.

I am thinking of keeping an AM schedule on the writing, just to insure that it does get done, rather than being pushed to the end of the day were I might be to tired to write coherently and hence procrastinate to the next day in favor of more sleep.

This month I hereby have fired my inner editor. The part that says - what you are writting sucks on a magnitued so high that you will never make it into anything coherent. That person will only be re-hired once the first draft is complete. I actually don't mind editing, because I find it pleasantly surprising. At times I get caught up in what I have written like I do with a favorite book, and am compelled forward to the next part. That is when I know that maybe what I am writing isn't so bad, and that their are nuggets of gold in there.

I'm off to go think of some decent character names and to color co-ordinate some chapters. Hopping to get a solid 5000 words logged for today.

NaNoWriMo Day 1