Thursday, December 10, 2009

Article | Twilight and Love

In keeping with a Twilight based theme, I am going to criticize the type of love presented in this series vs. real life love.

I read all of the books within a week.  The momentum carrying me forth at a dizzying speed.  Like shot after shot at happy hour at the bar.  A good idea at the time, but not so great the next morning when you are wondering why the fuck you did it in the first place.

When I awoke from my twilight hangover one of the huge glaring misdemeanors was the type of love presented in these books. 

The books are primarily a love story.   But it is about the desperate first love experience. The Romeo and Juliet do or die kind of love.  Great in theory, horrible in actually real life application.  It is based more on passion, than on actual life.  There are different kinds of love, and what scares me about the popularity of this series is that young women are going to grow up expecting this kind of love and be vastly disappointed when they can’t find it. 

I like the stable kind of love, the one were you know you can depend on each other and you aren’t clinging in desperation.  The kind were making the bed and shoveling the driveway say I love you louder than a bouquet of roses (not that roses aren’t nice, but they don’t shovel the driveway).  But to write that kind of book wouldn’t necessarily attract the same kind of audience. 

Sure we read for escapism, guilty as charged.  But when I am done with the trashy romance novel, I know that I am not in renaissance Italy with a mysterious stranger who palpitates all of my desires and the rest of the world doesn’t matter because it is just the two of us.  No, I am in my house that needs the rent paid and the dogs walked. 

Being younger and looking forward to growing up we often romanticize a lot of issues.  When we grow up we’ll be nothing like our parents, we’ll have the dream jobs and the dream life.  But that isn’t always true.  And sometimes we find happiness down other avenues we hadn’t originally contemplated. 

What would be nice is a disclaimer.  Or perhaps a group discussion regarding the realities of life.  Then again you can talk all you want but it doesn’t matter if no one is listening.  Sometimes the only way lessons can be learnt is to live.  Textbook theory only goes so far. 

These girls will learn.  It just sucks that they had to get their hopes set up so high.   Perhaps they’ll find the reality much sweeter once they get adjusted.  Much more practical and dependant and stable.  Healthier.  Like outgrowing candy, you never think you will but one day you’ll want a piece of fruit over a chocolate bar.