Sunday, December 13, 2009

Article | Twilight Saga - Part Three - The Final Blow or how to tie of the loose end left by Breaking Dawn

Lets just be honest here. There was a great big huge gaping plot hole left at the end of Breaking Dawn.

Sephenie Meyer manages to tie up her series nicely. But that’s just it. It is nice.

I read primarily high fantasy. I know that the bad guys are willing to do what the good guys aren’t. In the last book, Breaking Dawn, the Cullen’s and their gathered group of supporters outnumber the Volturi and intimidate them into walking away. And they let them walk away too. But now the Volturi know the Cullen’s defenses. The Volturi are powerful, and have been ruling for quite some time. They may look like dogs walking away with their tails between their legs. However, what is going to happen is they are going to go back and plot revenge to annihilate the Cullen’s and their supporters, especially since they are all going their separate ways now. This allows for the Volturi to pick them off one at a time. There will be no happily ever after, just running from now on.

With that huge glaring plot hole staring at me I couldn’t be satisfied with the way in which Stephenie tied up the series. To me it was still unfinished. So I created my own sequel. I didn’t write it. That would be a waste of my time. (Sorry. I don’t mean to criticize those that right fan fiction. I used to in high school. But now I am aiming my writing goals for publications. So my time is best spent writing original work.) But I have loosely plotted it out given the facts presented in the previous novels.

We will start with Jasper. He knows stuff about Vampire warfare. He is an untapped resource of information. He will foresee what is going to happen. The Cullen’s however are docile and don’t believe him, can’t believe him. He branches off to father an army and train them. Alice see’s what is coming, however even with her visions the rest of them work towards trying to come to another peaceful solution. However, as despair runs deeper and Alice is not getting any flashes of a way out of this they are forced to accept the truth of the matter. By that time it is almost too late.

Renesmee and Jacob. This is a complicated relationship. Since Stephenie’s novels are typically love stories, I will keep with this theme and use Renesmee and Jacob as the primary driving force of the novel. She ages fast. He pauses aging. They meet somewhere in the middle. Except she doesn’t want to be fate and destined to be with him. She wants her own choices. This is decided after a very steamy make out. (Up against the wall clothes too much kind of almost at the brink of things then pushes him away because it’s all too overwhelming.) She goes away to do some kind of soul searching. Since Edward and Bella are fairly naïve they let her go. Plus she is very willful and spunky (someone has to have a backbone in this tale).

Except she gets kidnapped. By the Volturi. Who seek to use her as bait. They try to use her power to call the Cullen’s however she won’t let them. Time is spent where she is tortured and eventually they are able to break into her mind where they are able to use her powers. Except they end up calling Jacob instead of the Cullen’s. This is her proof that she has chosen him. That is isn’t some silly bond. That even her subconscious desires him. When she needs to reach out for help, it is to him she calls.

This is about the time that the Cullen’s really realize how fucked they are. Alice finds Jasper, and everyone reunites and Jasper has a big badass army with flamethrowers. Jacob takes off, unknown to everyone else, going to save the day for Renesmee. They all end up in the Middle East.

Why the Middle East. Because that is where Alice’s visions lead her. The Volturi have chosen that for their fighting ground. They do not want to ruin their hometown. So they choose a place that is already being ravaged by war and set up a base camp their. They have managed to subjugate and capture quite a few people who had teamed up with the Cullen’s previously.

It is a bloody death match final battle brawl. With Jacob and Renesmee caught in the middle trying to get out.

People die. On both sides. Except as an ode to Stephenie and her happily ever after the Cullen’s have more people left standing on their side. So when it comes time to torch the battlefield, they are able to gather pieces and reassemble some of their vampires. The Volturi are pretty much demolished along with their disciples. The remaining are captured. The Cullen’s not quite having learnt their lesson (because lets face it they are weak), want to let the offenders go. However Jasper won’t let them. A compromise is reached and the captured are forced to sign treaty agreements and kept under close surveillance.

Then there is a wedding between Renesmee and Jacob. It is held up in the Rocky mountains in a secluded area. And there is sex. We write the sex. Tired of this PG nonsense. Real life happens. People have sex. The end.

It makes the whole Twilight saga experience more bearable with my new ending to it. It gives me more closure than Breaking Dawn anyways.


And this concludes my current wanderings into the Stephenie Meyer Twilight universe. Next I plan on posting a long overdue review on
Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously. I may also do a compare and contrast with the movie provided I rent it tonight.