Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free Fiction | On the first day of Christmas....

Tis the season…. To be on a fucking rollercoaster ride. Maybe. Except I can’t seam to find the upswing of it all. I keep trying. I see my goal insight and I keep reaching for it, but that allusive happiness is gone. Not where I thought I could reach it.

I have my ups and I have my downs. But the ups seam more like hope than actual victory. After this weekend I think I should be in the clear. To sit back and enjoy other people’s panic. I know I am evil, but when I am doing this I will be sending out joyous happy thoughts to those who need it. Keep your receptors open.

So some of you might be on the lower end of things (like I was this morning), some of you on the higher end of things (like I am this evening). Christmas is supposed to be about a great many positive things, family, time together, relaxing… instead it turns into a large slopping bucket of stress.

In an attempt to find the holiday spirit I have surrounded myself with Christmas things that have the potential to make me happy. I put up the lights on our house. I decorated. I bought some rum and eggnog. Spirit still MIA. Perhaps it’s because we still have quite a bit of rum and eggnog left.

Whatever state you are in, don’t forget to take some time for yourself. READ. Trust me this is important. I often put my reading on the back burner when I am getting pressed for time. Don’t. Pick up the book and nock out a chapter. You will be able to leave it all the stress behind for a time. When you get back to it, you will hopefully feel refreshed.

What I give you my beautiful devoted faithful followers from now until the New Year is free fiction. Not mine – mine is not in a state to be viewed. But free fiction nonetheless.

Today, the first day of my presents, I give you:

All Seated on the Ground by: Connie Willis, a 2008 Hugo nominee. It is a little bit of an obscure Christmas story, but fun nonetheless.

And for those of you who are definitely on the lower end of things by far, I recommend Island of the Sequined Love Nun by: Christopher Moore. Not related to Christmas what so ever, funny to boot, and with a character who you might find more pitiful than yourself.

Happy Holidays and Best of Luck…. We could all use a heaping dosage of that.