Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Fiction | On the second day of Christmas....

Today's free fiction is also brought to you by the 2008 Hugo nominations.

Fountain of Age by: Nancy Kress

I loved this one. It really changed the way I look at short stories, and opened up a whole new perspective and way to write. It is the inspiration for the type of style I would like to accomplish with my own short fiction.

Christmas Updates

I have finished shopping and wrapping all presents I am supposed to wrap in my household. Which means that I have wrapped everything that is not for me. I still, however, have a few things that need doing.

A few groceries need to be acquired and possibly some wine. The car needs to go for a wash and an oil change. I have finally figured out what I am doing for my aunts for Christmas and my Gramma - so I need to sew them their presents this weekend. I have a bit of baking to do too. And I have to make some cards. But for the most part I am done. I think after this weekend I should be able to sit back and relax. I am really looking forward to that and finding some time for reading and writing again.

Also since my day job is steady days weekends off, I have opted to work the days between the holidays. Some people at work are taking them off. But since the layoff this summer I have been perpetual scared of it happening again, and holiday days are money in the bank in case it happens again. So I try to use them sparingly. That being said I will be using 6 hours of holiday time as I will only be working half days for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Speaking of New Years Eve, I am ridiculously excited to be going to our regular bash in Ottawa. We have a friend who hosts every year. We weren't sure if we were going to make it this year, as we now need two dog sitters. I will introduce you to our newest member of the family on Sunday. And with that I bid you adieu...

.... don't you love cliff hangers.