Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Movie Review | New Moon

With the release of New Moon and having just gone to see it I am going to do my first movie review on it.

Here’s the basics:

Better than Twilight, still funny as hell.

New Moon is a huge improvement from Twilight, but the love triangle is so cheesy I couldn’t help but giggle at inappropriate times.  Also the acting still sucks, but the cinematography is vastly improved.  Overall, better than Twilight, but not my favorite movie of the year.

Enter sub rant regarding special effects.  I believe that they achieved a good medium between story and special effects in New Moon, and the special effects were of a far better quality than Twilight.  I am however weary of them overdoing it with a larger budget in the next installment.  The last thing that is needed is to sub in special effects because they don’t know where their plot is going.  Twenty minutes of things blowing up as a distraction because they forgot how to tie a story together does not constitute a good movie.

They did a good job of summing up the book.  Sure they made changes and adjustments, but the changes were necessary to make the cuts needed to condense the book.  It also helped to seam up the story better.  I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if the books were written in conjunction to the movie.  They would be cleaner and more concise.

Overall it was a solid interpretation and much better than the first installment.  I am weary as they progress through the series.  But the decisions will be made by others who are not me.  I will probably still go see the next one.