Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update | Meet Rosco

He is a three year old stinky slobbering basset hound who likes to sleep under the covers.  We adopted him from some friends of ours who were no longer able to take him due to various personal reasons.  They are not bad people and he is a good dog.  

Rosco is a very loving dog.  He wags his tale a lot and is happy to come and cuddle.  He hops up and down in excitement, but just his front end leaves the ground.  It is absolutely sweet and adorable. He is also more of a whiner than a barker.  A relief to not have two barkers in the house, but the whining can be a bit trying sometimes. 

We are trying very hard to balance affection, make Rosco feel welcome and make Rory feel like she is still well loved and not being replaced.  We are just widening our hearts is all.  More love is never a bad thing. 

I think this will turn out very positively.

 P.S. Yes they both like to sleep in the bed.  A queen size bed for two humans and two bassets.  A bit tight, but very snugly.