Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Writing | Blood of the Ashen

Due to a recent realization (that maybe I had been avoiding) I have split Blood of the Ashen into two parts. Asha’s Tail and Gyajah’s Tail. They are two distinct story arcs happening at two different passing's of time, that require both their own prologue and own ending. I had been struggling with how I wanted to split this story and had been avoiding the obvious with hopes that the two different casts would eventually intertwine. No amount of forcing them at this point has gotten me these results. Consequently, I am dealing with the obvious. It is a bit of a relief to finally do this. The story now seams less bulky and more manageable.

The titles are subject to change, but for lack of a better inspiration at this point I am moving Blood of the Ashen as the title of the series, and simply naming the two stories after the leads, although both stories are told from multiple view points a la third person limited.

Blood of the Ashen is a post apocalyptic fantasy told in third person limited through multiple view points.

From the destruction of the world teck has survived, but the world functions primarily on Mahjha – elemental energy channeled by Mi’ajha. The world has divided into land claims and tribes, in turn mating contracts and child markets have been developed to fuel the need for Mi’ahja of a certain ilk.

Mi’ahja once the slaves to Crumps, the non chanelers, have found a way to turn the tables with the Crumps as their servants. But things are little different under the new councils, and those who criticize the injustice dare not speak their minds for fear of the consequences.

Asha's Tail:
Asha has been trapped in stone for a thousand years. A goddess unfrozen from time, saved by love, sets out to change the injustices of society.
Shianna, a wind warrior with a broken heart is manipulated into being Asha’s guardian, her brother, Rhett, Asha’s mate.
Emily, a nobody with no skills, a servant to the Mi’ahja, hears of a place were Crumps like her have freedom and rights of their own.

This crew of opposites, in search of justice and freedom, and a life beyond the tribes and mating contracts eventually find themselves on a path to salvation. But freedom isn’t what it seams, and those searching and fighting for it are led to a place even darker than the injustices they could no longer tolerate.

Gyajha's Tail:
Gyajha is a healer who only heals animals, primarily dogs, in a world that is focused on the Mi’ahja. Severely beaten for refusing her final test she leaves the compound, a fugitive, and sets out to find a world that is just and fair.
Droth a mixed bread who hears the Mahja but can not channel it sets out to find a healer for his sister Sussurrus, who was severely damaged in an experiment gone wrong and barely clings to life and sanity.
Aodahn part of the wonderers, a tribe of outcasts set to wonder the land and avoid being claimed, exchanges pieces of soul with Gyajah. However, shortly after he is collected by his original tribe, and forced to submit.

Gyajha on a mission to set Aodahn free, encounters Droth and his plight along the way. In trying to right wrongs, their paths get twisted even more. The future isn't always what it seams, and even those who may glimpse it can't set it in stone.

Currently working on the first draft of each simultaneously. I am aiming for 150K each.

Other Info:
This idea was inspired going for motorcycle rides with my dad. The wind warriors was one of he first concepts I came up with. I started this project during NaNoWriMo 2009 and won, but have yet to finish the story. Am very excited to finish this up.