Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Writing | The Book Addict


The Book Addict is science fiction novella.


NAME1 is addicted to reading, but reading has a whole different meaning in this far distant future. Plug in and download the ultimate sensory experience. Chronic and searching for another hit, she finds herself in debt beyond what she can handle.

NAME2 her daughter enlists her gang of pot heads and outcasts to help find a cure for her mother. They find a hedge doctor who introduces them to the old stuff – paper and ink. The only problem is that it’s so outdated they need to find the places were tech hasn’t touched. They need to go to a place where are humans are still human. A place that doesn’t technically exist. The underlands, buried beneath the mires of fog that will chock unprotected lungs is a society where they cling to the old ways.


This is in pre-draft faze. I should start writing this about mid January and am aiming for 20K.

Other Info:

I am addicted to reading however am often boggled by the shear amount of time it consumes. In brainstorming new technology for reading I came across the idea of downloading books directly to your mind. Then I took my addiction and wondered what would happen.

Once I start writing this I will fill in the blank names, also the synopsis might change too.