Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Writing | The Twelve Grains of Sand

This is a Fantasy Novel told in first person narrative. 

It is about a psalm that’s interpretation has been questioned from the time of inception.  What are the twelve grains of sand?  As two curious scholars go seeking for answers they find pieces to the missing puzzle.  But the pieces only leave more questions, it seams the more answers they find the more questions they have.  The closer they get to solving the riddle the more worried they get about the final outcome.

Currently working on the first draft and aiming for 100K.

Other Info:
The title came to me the other day, and I simply had to know what it meant and where it was going.  I am currently at the inception stage of this piece.  As I delve deeper into the story I will update the synopsis to more accurately reflect the plot of this book (I think it’s a book anyways).