Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review | Girl Genius

My first web comic….

As mentioned previously I primarily avoid comics. Their medium for story telling eludes me.  I get focused on the words and forget that the story is also told through pictures.  Needless to say I miss a lot skipping from one dialogue bubble to the next barely looking at the graphics. Yet when the Hugo finals came up and Patrick Rothfuss linked to the winner for web comic a small part of me couldn’t resist seeing what the fuss was about. I was more than pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Girl Genius.

First off, I loved the graphics and their use of color. As this is a visual story telling means, this is the first thing I consider. If it is in black and white I raise a questionable eyebrow. Next it’s the style of the drawings. If it is done a la Noire, I leave.  Noire, at this point is not my thing.  I hope that someday I will be able to appreciate it, but currently I don't, so no point in forcing it.  Not only do they have superior color (so vivid), they have an amazingly talented artist who draws women with curves that don’t look like anime characters.

Secondly their idea and premise is very compelling. I love the idea of Sparks in a steampunk/Gaslamp fantasy.  Sparks are people who are inventors, but they kind of go mad scientist when they are in focus mode.  Definitely creates some pretty funny and dramatic scenes.

Their plot is fast moving covering a lot of interesting ground. Agatha doesn't know she is a Spark.  She is studying at the university and gets these wicked headaches every time she tries to invent something.  I really don't want to give anything away, so what you are going to have to do is go and read it.  It is well worth your time.  I ate through their archives as fast as I could manage although it was an addiction that could only be quenched online so it took me a little longer.

This comic finishes out as one of my best reads of 2009. This is what made me decide to give other web comics a try.

They post on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, however, in my opinion once an hour couldn’t be enough. They also sell their comics in yearly editions if you are the type who wants it nicely collected on your shelf.  I am.  *Cough*present*Cough*

Next Review:  Questionable Content - another web comic but in a different vein.