Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review | Julie & Julia

Movie and Book Review

Okay so the reason I got caught up in this book and movie was due to the name. My name is Julia. Not sure if I ever mentioned that. The movie trailers looked funny enough, but it was the name that tipped the scales. The fact that it was based on a book was a no brainer for me. On the to read list it must go.

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The Book
This book talked about food. Specifically French Cooking. It is the story of a girl who rescued herself from a downward spiral of nothingness through the challenge of cooking her way through Julia Child's cook book
Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I cook and I need to be rescued from that same spiral of hopeless nothingness. I could relate. I chose my rescue in the form of writing mind you, but on the primitive save me level, I got it. I got the struggle, and why she needed the project.

The project started off as
a blog. However at the end of it, she was offered a book deal. The details on that are vague in the book, but kudos to her.

The books voice was unique. It was funny and witty and it did a lot to carry the novel forward. The topic and plot itself could have been desperate but the way in which it was presented and written was highly enjoyable, like a fluffy desert that is healthy for you.

The Movie
There was a pause of time between reading the book and watching the movie. The book wasn’t as fresh in my mind, and this is usually a good thing. It allows me to enjoy the movie more and criticize that it is not the book less.

Overall I liked. Sure there were differences from book to movie, but in general I really enjoyed it. I liked that we got to see more of Julia Child in the movie. Perhaps this isn’t an accurate rendition of her, but it really helped to flesh out the story more. However, Meril Streep could do with less of the shrill drunkenness joy de vivre.

Overall the book to movie was a fairly solid adaptation with no obvious missing parts, with areas of improvement and areas that needed improvement.

Both the movie and book are highly entertaining and you could explore either without needing the other and still get a good taste for the project.