Monday, January 25, 2010

Review | Questionable Content

This is my second web comic.  It is not in the fantasy stream what so ever and I can’t remember how I got to them.  Yet here I am. 

I would click on it every now and then and read a comic and felt lost, like a plethora of inside jokes were streaming over my head.  This frustrated me.  However, I am stubborn.  I looked at their archives; over 1500 comics.  Gulp.  I can do this. This means that this will last me awhile. 

Ha…. I finished this during NaNoWriMo.  I wrote over 50 000 words towards my novel and read all of Questionable Content

This one fit with my graphic needs for comics.  I liked the realistic style.  But going back to the beginning left my skin crawling.  The beginning is very rough artistically. Yet it was interesting to see the artist grow.  How his style and technique developed as he progressed.  It was a great experience, as the characters grew so did the artist. 

As for the story, it deals with real life.  Shit happens, we get through it.  I kind of like that it deals with mundane issues in a funny way.  If this were on TV it would be a sitcom slightly on the dramatic side.  Plus it is filled with geeky content, mostly pertaining to music.  I really like that quirk even though I don’t know much about any of the bands they blather on about.  The characters are also very quirky with raise your eyebrow back stories that are utterly entertaining. 

The only catch is that I advise against reading the blurb posts he puts at the end of the comics.  They are usually fairly uninteresting, or very whiny.  I know that life sucks and it has got you down sometimes, and I too get the urge to unload on my blog as well.  I am sure I have broken that golden rule a few times too.  And I forgive him for doing it.  But you can avoid that hassle if you so desire by not reading the blurbs. 

They post daily, Monday to Friday.  This pleases me to no end.  Yet if they wanted to post more I could handle that too.  They also sell T-shirts with content from the comics – more inside jokes.