Friday, January 8, 2010

Review | The Way of Shadows By: Brent Weeks

The Way of Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy)

The book started off cold and dirty. Like a guild rat on the street. Precisely who the main characters was. Short little scenes from various characters, little climaxes ending on cliffhangers and then the next scene. A set up for a world and the characters within it. Focused, and yet not.

It meandered and there was a hint to the point of where things were going, but finally I reached a scene were Weeks had just upped the anti by 1000% and it felt like I was reading a runaway train. It was dark before and hinted at the shadows. And I was being taken for a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime through the pits of hell.

Seriously though. Weeks sets things up, by giving us a guild rat who is training to be more than an assassin, he is training to be a wetboy (sorry that still makes me giggle..wetboy). A wetboy is an assassin with an edge, he has magic. Except while Azoth has the ability for magic he can’t reach out and use it. The link isn’t there. And me and my traditional fantasy thinking mind assume that he is giving us the key, the impervious character with the flaw who will overcome great odds and get us through all off hell without a scratch. But Brent knows what he is doing. He gives us more than just scratches. He breaks bones.

The bad guys finally get to the city, as had been foreshadowed, but of course the monarch wasn’t prepared as the government is in shambles. And it is absolute mayhem. And I was left gulping, screaming NOOOOO!!!!! They can’t die.

Weeks really does an amazing job of finishing up his book. He lets the mayhem rein and for that I applaud him. It takes a lot to put your prized possession into the fire and let them burn. He leaves us with nothing but shreds, and perhaps a little hope. But that hope is only for escape with no chance of redemption.

These books were garnered through the library, and unfortunately I only read the first one before they became overdo and needed to be returned as someone else wanted them. Luckily I got the book box set for Christmas.