Friday, February 12, 2010

An Aside | Why I haven't Posted this Week

I apologize. I started Monday off with grand intentions and then Tuesday hit. To be precise 5:30 hit. Where my boss called me to come into work early the next morning for a staff meeting to discuss the future of our company, specifically our operations. This was not good. This was ominous. This sent me into a wee bit of a funk and panic at the same time.

Open scene, Wednesday morning, where by my doubts of the previous evening were confirmed. For the second time in less than 12 months they were shutting down our lab for a temporary lay off. What this really means is they are buying time to figure out if this temporary thing will turn into a permanent thing; they have 13 weeks to make this decision, but are estimating a return to work by the end of March hopefully. 

I was offered to stay the rest of the day as I had work to complete. I finished off my invoicing, and a couple of projects. Gave them all the information they would need to order supplies and who to contact for various things I handled. See I don’t really think anyone realized all the slack a secretary picks up until they don’t have her any longer and are stuck wondering who the hell did that job.

The scary/ominous/hopeful part was that I had sit down with the Eastern Canada Director. I was the only one, so I take that as a good sign. He said that he understood that I would be looking for a job in the mean time as I am in a tight financial position. He would be happy to give me a reference. On the other hand they really value me with the company and don’t want to loose me. They will take me back. They have considered several areas (no details as per what) they could move me to, and room for growth that I had. They asked how I would feel about relocation, and then even mentioned offering Cowboy a job. I let them know that relocation was not out of the question, but that at this time I couldn’t guarantee Cowboy working for them as he has a potential contract lined up for the end of April and that he would be making exceptional money doing that. But that we weren’t opposed to moving as his contract would be a fly in fly out thing.

Now these were just feeler questions. There was nothing concrete in them. But what I gather without it being spoken is that if they do decide to shut down our lab indefinitely, I would be offered a relocation instead of a severance. Honestly if I haven’t found something better between now and then, then I will be moving. It was made clear that they would prefer to keep me where I am, but that considering where things might be going a relocation offer might be on the table. In the mean time I am temporarily laid off with the rest of lab.

I took Thursday to get my finances in order relatively. I will be owing people money at the end of this and this so goes against my New Years Eve goals of chipping away at debt instead of getting further into it, but we do what we must to get buy. I spent today reading and doing groceries. I am going to enjoy this weekend, and Monday. And come Tuesday I will be scouring the Internet for jobs. Actually I might do that sooner, but Tuesday is my deadline for getting down to business.

So that is why I haven’t posted. While I may have more time, I have taken said time to wrap my brain around some things and to read my way out of the stress. When things get tough I burry myself in a book until I feel able to deal with it. I should be able to start dealing with it soon. But I am enjoying this reading hiatus.

Thank you for your time and understanding, regular posting should resume Monday.