Thursday, February 18, 2010

Booking Through Thursday | The Olympics

Today I am participating in Booking Through Thursday. The question is:
You may have noticed–the Winter Olympics are going on. Is that affecting your reading time? Have you read any Olympics-themed books? What do you think about the Olympics in general?
In all honesty I am not a huge sport fan. My hubby loves sports; when he wakes up in the morning he turns on the TV for highlights. I usually grab the laptop to catch up on my blogs. We have our own unique morning newspaper routine. But there is something about the Olympics that brings out both my patriotism and my competitiveness. I yell at the screen for them GO GO!!! I was very pleased when Canada won it’s first Gold on home soil. And being the modest Canadian girl that I am, I chose very pleased instead of ecstatic. Needless to say yes I have been indulging in some Olympic enthusiasm and watching.

I have also been participating in the Yarn Harlots knitting Olympics. To be clear, I am not a knitter, I own yarn, I have needles, I own other tools, and books on knitting, but I have never completed a project. And to me completion of a project is what defines the wanabes from the actual knitters. So far I have only been a wanabe. So my goal for this is to finish a project. I chose Fetching, a challenging for me project, yet easy enough to complete in the time span provided. Also it suits my writing sensibilities as I will have a pair of fingerless gloves for typing when my hands are cold. A win win truly.

Olympic reading, I have not indulged. At least not intentionally in the I am going to hunt this book down because it relates to the Olympics kind of way. In grade school I had to read an autobiography for a Canadian, and I chose one on a figure skater. I never got through it all because for a 12 years old it was utterly boring; it is also what turned me off of autobiographies for a very long time. Marley and Me is what turned me back on again. However, I think in that book the figure skater may have gone to the Olympics, although it is a very vague recollection I have of it. Also when I was younger I really enjoyed the Gymnast series by: Elizabeth Levy. And if I remember correctly one of the girls had either gone to the Olympics or was going to the Olympics. The Olympics are just not something that defines my reading, although currently they are defining my TV watching/knitting time.

Currently I am watching the Czech Republic Vs. Slovakia hockey game from yesterday, around my laptop while typing this blog post. I am a multi tasker with mean skills. Also if you couldn’t tell from above I need to pepper my sports intake with other forms of entertainment in order to get through it.